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Help Contents

Please read everything and watch all the videos on this page!

Its easy and only takes 5 minutes! (create an account first)

For Workers (mandatory steps)

1. Download The App (free)

Takes only 5 minutes to get everything set up to get jobs.


HOW TO LOG INTO THE APP (dont enter any spaces or dashes)


Example: 8765551212 

Example: +18765551212 

Example: +541165551212

And the password from the website.


2. Hiring Someone

With Side Jobs Club, NO CASH is used, all payments are thru the app for safety.

You pre-pay for the whole job amount you agreed on with the freelancer up front with a Credit/Debit/PayPal.

This pre-payment goes into a safe escrow holding account until the job is done.

You can use a Debit/Credit card directly in the app to pre-pay.

Or, you can put money in your account ahead of time using PayPal then use that to pre-pay.

To use PayPal, log back into your web account, then click Pre-Pay with PayPal link, then select buttons to add money to your account using PayPal.

When the job is done, release the pre-payment to the worker.

Please follow the steps in this video to hire someone.

3. Enter Skills etc To Get Jobs

Step 1. Set Your Pay

Set your default pay rate. Your default pay rate is what you would like to get paid for jobs. There are two types of pay rates you can set. 

Type 1: The whole job.

The pay you want for the entire job. You will not charge for mileage or number of hours.

Type 2: Per/Hour and/or Per/Mile

You will charge a set amount per hour or per mile.

Step 2. Enter Your Skills

Set the kinds of jobs you want by setting your skills in the app. Check the box next to each skill you have, and enter the number of years experience you have for that skill.

If you don't enter any skills you wont get any jobs.

You can enter as many as you like, but you should only enter the ones you really know how to do because at the end of the job you will get a rating.


If you mess up or do a poor job, your employer may give you a low rating, this reduces your chances of getting another job on the app.

4. Responding To Job Alerts

After telling the Side Jobs Club app the kinds of jobs you want by entering your skills, It will instantly alert you when someone wants to hire someone with your skills. 

When you get the alert, you only have a short time (around 1 minute) to respond by applying for the job if you are interested in it. 


If you don't apply for the job within that time, the job will disappear from your screen and you will no longer be able to apply for it. So once you get a job alert you have to apply quickly!

5. Getting Paid

All jobs are paid for before the jobs start by the employer.


This pay is stored in a holding account until the job is done.


At the end of the job, if the employer is satisfied with the work, they themselves will use the app to release your pay to your account.


Payments from different jobs you do will accumulate in your account. At the press of a button in the app, you can withdraw that money at anytime to an institution: 

  • As Cash

  • PayPal

  • Payoneer

  • Wise

  • Debit Card

  • Bank Account

To get paid as cash:

  1. Press a button in the app to withdraw your money

  2. Within a few days you will get a text message telling you the money is available for pick up

  3. The text message will contain the pick up reference number

  4. Visit a bank branch below

  5. Show the bank the same ID card you uploaded to Little Side Jobs when you registered

  6. Give them the reference number from the text message

  7. Pick up your cash!!

  8. (More ways to get paid are coming soon)

In Jamaica you can pick up cash payments from these locations:

  • First Global

  • CWK Community

  • Credit Union

  • Scotia Bank

  • First Caribbean

  • NCB Bank

  • Victoria Mutual

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