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Little Side Jobs works the same way as Uber, but for jobs.

For ex. If you or a business needs somebody to assemble furniture they just bought, or maybe they need a handyman to put up a shelf, cut their lawn, house keeper, office work, tutor, paint a wall, cut down a tree, a nurse, cashier, waitress, pickup and deliver a fridge etc. They can just request that in the app and within seconds the app will use GPS to instantly notify the closest freelancer near them who can do that work. 

The freelancer gets an immediate notification on their phone, and they go do that work and get paid.

The freelancers are all independent contractors.

While the freelancer is working for you, you can track their location on a map in the app in real-time. So for example while they are delivering your furniture, you are able to see exactly where they are at any time on a map in the app.

The app also keeps track of their mileage, and hours worked for you. You can communicate with each other thru the app (video chat or text messages) without revealing personal phone numbers (for safety).

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